Description: Wings Flapping sound for your projects.

Description: This is natural wings flapping sound, which can be used anywhere – in games, movies, films, presentations, news, telecasts, podcast, like background for websites etc…bird, eagle, falcon, flap, flapping, flight, flock, fx, hawk, nature, sound, stroke, wing beat, wings, air, animal, anxious, birds, cinematic, fly, flying, movement, pigeon, pigeons, rapid, recording, wing, wing-beat, wing-stroke, effect, wings flapping

Description: A recording during a very hot day, of a large group of cicada insects. This insects are similar to locust and crickets but unique on their sound and on a closer look on their appearance also.

Description: Dog is barking sound fx...

Description: Recording a dog while he is eating. The audio works in a perfect loop.

Description: Dogs barking, 3 sets, as if you are walking closer.