Description: Continuous Coyote / Dog Barks And Howls With Crickets And Frogs In The Background. ( Version 1 ).

Description: Several Crickets Clicking, Close Perspective With Light Cricket Background.

Description: Seal, Cape Fur Barks. Group Barks And Calls, With Baby Barks And Ocean In Background. Distant Perspective.

Description: Wolf Pack Howling, One Starts And Then They Build To Crescendo.

Description: Welt Dung Bird (vira bosta) Puppy pious at the end of John of Barro feeding the bg insects cows stables

Description: Lion, Indoors, Roars, Moans, Version 2; Digiffects; Wild Cats; Lions, Tigers, Jaguars

Description: 12 Dog Sledding Team: On Board: Start With Vocal Command, Run, Stop, Animal Dogsledding

Description: Birds, Cage, Pet Shop; Digiffects; Birds; Shops & Stores

Description: Archipelago, Sea, Woodcock, Mallard, Environment, Ambience; Digiffects; Birds; Ducks, Turkeys & Geese

Description: Large Group Of Cows: Barn Interior: Mooing, Movement; Cows & Bulls