Description: Bird, Insects Close, Many Birds Singing, Safari; Digiffects; Birds; Forests, Jungles & Swamps

Description: Flies, Pond Bugs, Water, Heavy Air, B/G Birds & Insects, B/G Distant Vehicles, Ambience Birds;Insects

Description: Large Group Of Cows: Barn Interior: Eating, Heavy Movement, Mooing; Cows & Bulls

Description: Meadowlark, Western Chirps. Bright, Musical Meadowlark Chirps In The Foreground And Background. Bird.

Description: geese flying over medium lake - fly over.

Description: Crickets; Night Ambience, Through Open Window.

Description: Growl With Snarls And Chuffs Wild Cats, Lions, Tigers, Jaguars

Description: Hundreds of jackdaws coming home to roost in woodland. Lots of calling and commotion. Evening nature ambience

Description: Cat spinning and breathing. Cat, animal, breathe, breathing, lion, monster, respire, spinning, vampire, zombie