Description: This is a great clip of a hot evening in Virginia with the sounds of the tree frogs and crickets blaring away.

Description: Quiet Pool Atmosphere, Song Bird, Air, B/G Birds, Insects, & Frogs, Ambience Birds;Insects;Reptiles

Description: Penguin, Chinstrap, Bird; Digiffects; Birds

Description: Forest birds. Various birds singing. Light background breeze and foliage

Description: Crickets, Cicada, Version 1; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps; Insects

Description: Medium Birds, Crow, Light Air, Busy B/G Birds, Ambience Birds

Description: Bird, Whooper Swan, Flock; Digiffects; Birds

Description: Country Ambience, Early Morning, Residential Birds

Description: Birds and Seagulls 4 - Country garden atmosphere - some close calls