Description: Indoor Aviary: Tropical Birds Chirping, Waterfall In Background; Miscellaneous Ambiences, Birds, Waterfalls

Description: Howls And Barks, Animal Wolves & Coyotes

Description: Several Pelicans Squawking, Animal Birds

Description: With Zebras, Close Groans, Light Moans, B/G Birds, Ambience Other Wild Animals

Description: Large Flock Of Seagulls: Stationary, Close Up Chirping, Animal Birds

Description: Roosters, Cow, Birds In B/G, Animal Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Galah Birds Chirping (Australia), Group And Single, Animal Birds

Description: Loop ready stereo sound effect recording of a steadily chirping cricket at night. Great for sound designing night scenes. This mid/side stereo file can be converted to mono without phase problems.

Description: 2-3 Frogs Croaking, Animal, Amphibian Reptiles

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