Description: Junco, Dark-eyed Tweets. Steady Tweets With A Few Birds In The Background Responding To The Chirps. Close Perspective.

Description: ANIMALS-INSECTS Background CRICKETS: Cricket buzz, distant frog croaks, night, Kirawira Serengeti Africa.

Description: Sparrow, Chipping Chirps. Single Cricket-like Chirps. Some Background Chirps In Response. Close Perspective. Bird.

Description: Flycatcher, Dusky Tweets, Chirps. Single Short Tweets With Birds Steadily Chirping In The Background. Medium Perspective.

Description: Cemetery Ambience ( Arlington National ), Morning, Light Birds And Insects, Distant City Rumble.

Description: ANIMAL BEES: EXT: Many on a summer day, low level constant wind background, distant bird calls.

Description: Crickets; Night Ambience, Through Open Window.

Description: Grebe, Pied-billed Calls. Laughing Bird Calls In The Foreground With Raven And Other Bird Calls In The Background. Ocean Ambience.

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