Description: Cricket Chirps At Medium Perspective With Distant Frogs & Birds In Background.

Description: Cricket Ratchet, Continuous Close Up Bullfrog Croaks And Mosquito Fly Bys.

Description: Cricket Ratchet, Continuous With Bullfrog Croaks And Mosquito Fly Bys.

Description: Heavy Continuous Cricket Drone With Close Perspective Cricket Chirps.

Description: Close Up Mosquito Swarm With Distant Crickets, Birds And Wind In Background. Good Stereo Fly Bys.

Description: Cicada Ratchet Swells, Single Close Perspective. Steady Buzz Which Rises And Lowers In Intensity.

Description: Continuous Single Cicada Ratchet With Faint Bird In Background.

Description: Continuous Slight Cicada Swells With Birds And Wind.

Description: Continuous Cicada Ratchet With Birds And Wind In The Background.