Description: Eating, Light Air, Chomping, Rustling, Breaths, B/G Birds Elephants, Hippos & Rhinos

Description: Narwhale, Water Movement, Blows With Inhales, Ambience Whales & Dolphins

Description: Cheetah, Eating, Chewing, Close, Birds, Animal, Safari; Digiffects; Wild Cats; Lions, Tigers, Jaguars

Description: Panic, Cross River, Air, Multi Lowing, Grunts, Groans, Moans, Footsteps, B/G Birds, Ambience Other Wild Animals

Description: Group, Grunting, Birds In B/G, Animal Elephants, Hippos & Rhinos

Description: Chow Time, Air, Light Rustling, Breaths, Blows, Light Growls, Chain Movement, Ambience Elephants, Hippos & Rhinos

Description: Barking, Running By Waterhole, Birds In B/G Other Wild Animals

Description: Run In Grass, Becomes More Insistent Toward End, Air, Multi Lowing, Grunts, Moans, B/G Birds, Ambience Other Wild Animals

Description: Growls, Roars, Movements, Animal, Cat Wild Cats, Lions, Tigers, Jaguars

Description: Elephant Seals: Medium Group Calling And Barking, Animal Seals, Sea Lions & Walruses