Description: Bats wings flapping and moving. Wings only.

Description: A colony of Bats, flapping, squeaking and moving.

Description: A large number of Bats, flapping and screeching in a cave. A colony of bats.

Description: Bats Squeaking, screeching with little movement.

Description: Howling, Small Pack, Animal, Wolf Wolves & Coyotes

Description: Wolf, Wolf Pack, Snarl, Grumble, Close; Digiffects; Wolves & Coyotes

Description: Wolf, Wolf Pack, Howling, Grumble; Digiffects; Wolves & Coyotes

Description: Howling: Receives Answer From Other Wolves In B/G, Animal, Wolves Wolves & Coyotes

Description: Humpback Whale: Underwater Communication Ambience, Animal Whales & Dolphins

Description: Humpback Whale: Underwater Communication, Small Group In Background, Animal Whales & Dolphins

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