Description: Four Hounds, Hunting Or Chasing, Barking Dogs

Description: Dog Barking 3, Animal; Digiffects; Dogs

Description: Restless, Barking And Howling, Rattle Of Collars, Animal Dogs

Description: vicious dog barking, very dry, close perspective, over 50 different barks.

Description: Small Dog, Plays Tug-Of-War, Growling, Play Growls, Snuffles, Grunts, Sharp Barking, B/G Bird, B/G Aircraft, Ambience Dogs

Description: Siberian Huskies: Ext: Large Group, Intense Barking And Howling; Dogs

Description: Dog, Siberian Husky, Team Howling 1, Animal; Digiffects; Dogs

Description: Barking And Growling, Playful, Animal Dogs

Description: Dog Barking 5, Indoors, Animal; Digiffects; Dogs

Description: Dog Snoring - Huge Newfoundland dog snoring - could be monster

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