Description: Cattle grazing on Alpine meadow, stream in the background

Description: Ox, pup suckling on the teat of the cow muzzle close breath knocks the udder bg stable environment, farm

Description: Foley Footsteps, Onboard Walk Slow Cows & Bulls

Description: Cattle Drive/Stampede, Heavy B/G Hoofbeats, Cow Cows & Bulls

Description: Moo-Like Bawling, Blowing, Bellow, B/G Bawling And Lowing, B/G Birds, Ambience, Cow Cows & Bulls

Description: Buffalo Grunts, Snorts. Group Grazing With Grunts And Snorts. Birds And Wind In Background. Medium Perspective.

Description: Cattle Drive With Light Whistling and Cowboys, Mono.

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