Description: Tiger Growls. Classic Inhale Snarl And Full Bodied Roar.

Description: Cats, Two; Angry Yowls During Cat Fight, Close Perspective.

Description: Puma ( Cougar ) Gag. Long Growls With Gags And Sharp Attack-like Grunts.

Description: Puma ( Cougar ) Growl. Short Deep, Throaty Warning Growl.

Description: Animal: Tiger House At Zoo. Tiger Roars And Vocals In Reverberant Interior. Stereo.

Description: Lion Roar. Heavy Snarl And Growl. Close Perspective.

Description: Puma ( Cougar ) Roar. Scream-type Roar Series With Cage Movement And Breaths.

Description: Cat, Domestic Meow, Sad, Single. Close Perspective.