Description: Whinchat, Saxicola Rubetra, Bog, Bird; Digiffects; Birds

Description: Birds And Cicadas, Frog, Flies, Air, B/G Birds & Insects, Ambience Birds;Insects;Reptiles

Description: Wren, Marsh Chirps. Rapid, Rhythmic Click-like Chirps In The Foreground Are Answered By Various Birds In The Background.

Description: Sparrow, Lark Chirps, Musical. Bright, Musical Chirps Are Answered By Other Birds In The Very Distant Background.

Description: Finch, Cassin's Chirps, Musical. Single Musical Chirps. Outdoor Ambience In Background With Birds And Insects. Medium Perspective.

Description: Long Eared Owl, Asio Oyus, Forest, Bird; Digiffects; Birds

Description: Meadow Birds, Song Bird, Light Air, Distant B/G Birds, Distant Fly, Ambience Birds