Description: Llama Gag, Screech. Multiple Gags With Snort And High-pitched Screech. Close Perspective.

Description: Seal, Cape Fur Barks. Group Barks And Calls, With Baby Barks In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Dolphin, Spotted Whistles, Clicks, Buzzes. Multiple Steady Whistles, Clicks And Buzzes. Close Perspective.

Description: Rhinoceros Snorts, Eating. Multiple Calls, Snorts And Eating Sounds. Medium Perspective.

Description: Seal, Elephant Snort, Cry. Cub Growls, Snorts Multiple Times With Ocean And Seagulls In Background. Close Perspective.

Description: Elephant; Honks, Blows And Kissing Sounds Through Trunk, Close Perspective. Birds In Background.

Description: Seal, Elephant Growl, Snort. Multiple Short Growls, Snorts With Ocean In Background. Close Perspective.