Description: This sound can be used at the end of the game level when player loose.

Description: SFX: retro style, harsh, heavy #8

Description: This SFX pack contains seven unique "Game Over" retro style video game sound effects.

Description: Sound effect for a damage impact, health loss, or enemy hit in a video game.

Description: The sound of a small size win on a video slot machine.

Description: Casino ambience in Las Vegas with people playing slot machines

Description: Pickup: generic pickup sfx for collection of item #12

Description: Vintage arcade game sound effect for multimedia use. Retro directional bleeps, win & classic game over sfx!

by studio_1 | wav | 0:02 |

Genres: Sound Effects , Video Games / General Gaming Sounds

Description: sound of collecting a generic bonus item or pickup

Description: A Morse Code Sequence Usefull For Typcast texting