Description: 8 bit death. The perfect fit for when that 8 bit sound is needed.

Description: 8 bit scary shark sound. Great effect for adding drama to your video game.

Description: 8 bit hit. Can be a hit or power up type of sound.

Description: 8-BIT video game pause sound effect hand crafted to sound like it came fresh from 1985.

Description: 8 bit pop. Can be used for a pop, jump, hit, grab or whatever you see fit.

Description: 8 bit bird. Could be used to emulate the sound of a bird, coin grab or jump.

Description: Character confirm. You have selected your favorite character & are ready to go.

Description: Roar 8 bit. The sound of any sort of foe when struck by any weapon.

Description: One Up. A blanket sound that can be used for any video game to indicate an extra life or bonus item.

Description: 8 bit fall. Your hero has missed the platform & has fallen to his doom.

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