Description: Fireworks Display Ambience: Heavy Blasts, Small Crowd In Background, Heavy Cheering Fireworks

Description: Stereo sound recording of fireworks launching, exploding, crackling and popping.

Description: This is super Strong Explosion Fireworks Fx Sound With city Noise, which was recorded by beautiful microphone RODE K2 . These effects can be used anywhere – in battle war arcade games and movies, corporate or wedding video, as a sound background for websites etc… Gun, Shooting, arms, background, battle, big, bithday, blast, bomb, bombing, celebrate, christmas, commercial, dark, demolishing, effect, energetic, epic, explode, exploding, explosion, festivals, festive, fight, fire, firearm, firework, fireworks, fireworks effect, fireworks fx, fireworks sound, flash game, fx, game, happy, holiday, inspirational, new year, popular, sfx, shot, shotgun, sound, trailer, video, war, warfare, weapons, wedding, aggressive, looping, Gun, Shooting, arms, big, blast, bomb, bombing, commercial, dark, demolishing, destruction, effect, explode, exploding, explosion, fight, fire, firearm, firework, fireworks, flash game, game, grenade, gun, hard, heavy, huge, hunting, industrial, intense, large, loud, massive, military, movie, noise, pistol, promo, rifle, sfx, shell, shoot, shooting, shot, shotgun, sound, trailer, war, warfare, weapons

Description: Constant Burst Launches With Sharp Constant Blasts And Flare Squeals; Fireworks

Description: Fireworks, explosion, blast, boom, pow, explode, exploding, pyrotechnics, launch, shoot

Description: Several Medium And Large Explosions With Crowd Fireworks

Description: Run, In Distance Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: entire deck of cards dealt out onto table.

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