Description: sound of fireworks banging on the distance horizon.

Description: Late evening and fireworks exploding in the distance.

Description: Sound of bangs and explosions a battle field style ambience.

Description: Sound of a roman candle/firecracker with the fizz of the paper then a loud bang.

Description: Sound of a fire crackle with spaced flare bangs with distance explosions of other fireworks

Description: Firework spaced popped intervals fire cracker

Description: Roman candle firework/firecracker with hiss and pops

Description: Sound of firework/firecracker with hiss pops and ambient outdoor sound.

Description: Intense pops and big bang of a large firework/firecracker

Description: Sound of a arcade with coin drops beeping machines all the ambiance of a busy arcade in its raw state so it can be edited to your own specifications.

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