Description: video game sound.

Description: Various dice sounds of dropping and rolling on hard table surface. Includes singe die, two dice and multiple dice versions.

Description: playing galaxia video game.

Description: This sound can be used at the end of the game level when player loose.

Description: Fireworks, explosion, blast, boom, pow, explode, exploding, pyrotechnics, launch, shoot

Description: Air Hockey; Puck Hits And Bounce On Table.

Description: The sound of a decent size win on a video slot machine.

Description: A carousel ride from start to finish. As the merry-go-round starts you hear the ringing of a bell, then laughing children and happy parents. The music plays together with the mechanical sound of the spinning machine. Then stopping and letting people off.

Description: Merry-Go-Round at Funfair operates while playing "Silent Night".

Description: 8 bit game level up sound