Description: Roller coaster passengers scream as they fly by on the tracks.

Description: This sound represent classic computer game Sound effect (beginning). You can used it in your vintage arcade game or like website backgrounds. Could be used anywhere – in news, sport news, your corporate holiday, telecasts, about nature, children, in film during an arcade scene etc…

Description: merry-go-round at a theme park.

Description: a short (0:03) chiff lead sample travelling up a broken chord (arp).

Description: Sequence Of Fireworks, Explosion Fireworks

Description: Pinball Machine; Play Various Game Balls With And Without Flippers, Close Up Ball Drops, Bells And Hits, Off.

Description: screams of people on a roller coaster as they fly by.

Description: 8 bit pop. Can be used for a pop, jump, hit, grab or whatever you see fit.

Description: The sound of a small size win on a video slot machine.

Description: Air Hockey; Puck Hits And Bounce On Table.