Description: Metal Roller Coaster: Initial Climb And Pass By With Crowd Screaming; Amusement Parks & Arcades, Screams & Yells

Description: Fireworks, explosion, blast, boom, pow, explode, exploding, pyrotechnics, launch, shoot

Description: Mortars Launching Fireworks Into Sky, Explosions Overhead Fireworks

Description: Wood Roller Coaster: Initial Climb, Pass By; Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: Fireworks Display: End Display, Heavy Flare Bursts and Blasts, Long Crowd Cheer

Description: Professional fireworks stereo - Recorded with Sony PCM D50.

Description: Fireworks Display Ambience: Heavy Blasts, Crowd In Background Fireworks

Description: Roller Coaster: Run And Stop, Screams, Fair, Amusement Park, Ride Amusement Parks & Arcades