Description: This is a Rock and Orchestral mix with some dance elements

Description: Roller Coaster: From A Distance, Screams, Fair, Amusement Park, Ride Amusement Parks & Arcades

Description: Fireworks Pyrotechnics 3 - Huge display with close shot bangs etc - screamer at end

Description: Fireworks, Intense, Distant, Faint Applause; Digiffects; Fireworks

Description: Ambience of a complete game of bingo at an amusement arcade in a North Wales sea side resort (Rhyl)

Description: a city New Year's Eve fireworks ambience with rockets, firecrackers and bangers

Description: haunted ride with kids shouting, electronic voices, and loud energetic kids music.

Description: fireworks - stereo - Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.

Description: Fireworks, explosion, blast, boom, pow, explode, exploding, pyrotechnics, launch, shoot, sparks

Description: Sparkler, Fire, Fuse, Torch, 4 Versions; Digiffects; Fireworks