Description: haunted ride with kids shouting, electronic voices, and loud energetic kids music.

Description: Game,Scrabble Board Setup,Box Open,Board Out,Paper,Tiles,Long

Description: Ambience of a complete game of bingo at an amusement arcade in a North Wales sea side resort (Rhyl)

Description: Fireworks Pyrotechnics 2 - Huge display with close shot bangs etc - some background music

Description: Fireworks Pyrotechnics 3 - Huge display with close shot bangs etc - screamer at end

Description: Sound of a arcade with coin drops beeping machines all the ambiance of a busy arcade in its raw state so it can be edited to your own specifications.

Description: This is an upbeat rap song of love loss and commemoration.

Description: Fireworks, explosion, blast, boom, pow, explode, exploding, pyrotechnics, launch, shoot, sparks

Description: Tribal drums and suspenseful orchestral, leading into futuristic, electronic beats & chymes, video-game style synthesized rhythms, followed by fast-paced marching drums and synthetic sounds and rhythms

Description: A carousel ride from start to finish. As the merry-go-round starts you hear the ringing of a bell, then laughing children and happy parents. The music plays together with the mechanical sound of the spinning machine. Then stopping and letting people off.

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