Description: dramatic and uplifting, new age, harp and string pads with big percussion hits.

Description: A light and friendly accordion track with nice melodies and good pace.

Description: An upbeat greek track featuring Bouzouki and Accordion with nice percussion.

Description: A beautiful track featuring accordion and bouzouki.

Description: An authentic and vintage solo accordion track with wonderful charm and pace.

Description: A romantic greek track with beautiful Bouzouki melodies supported with accordion and drums.

Description: A slow moving and very romantic accordion track with mandolin and vibes.

Description: World, European, Ethnic, Light, Quirky, Uplifting, Underscore, Traditional, Action, Eclectic, Hypnotic, Yearning, Reflective

Description: World, European, Ethnic, Triumphant, Playful, Fun, Underscore, Traditional, Action, Eclectic, Hypnotic, Yearning, Reflective, Drinking, Party, Oktoberfest

Description: World, European, Ethnic, Dark, Dreamy, Uplifting, Underscore, English, Drama, Moody, Reflective, Hypnotic, Danger, Mystery