Description: Ethnic-France, Ethnic, Active, Building, Excited, Festive, Feel Good, Fun, in a Energetic, Exciting, Fun, Happy mood, featuring Accordion, Percussion, with a Very Fast tempo

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Spain, Latin, Latin-Flamenco, Tribal, Regional, Ethnic, Exotic, Mysterious, Sensual, Feel Good, Flowing, Traveling, Wordly, Nature, Passionate, Pleasant, Charming, Relaxed, Romantic, Tender, Gentle, International, in a Playful, Confident, Romantic mood, featuring Guitar, Flute, Strings, with a Varied tempo

Description: Music with a beautiful melody and mood of the french. Suitable for background, web sites, flash, tv, radio, movies, games, videos and presentations!

Description: a tender minor key french waltz joining american jazz and frenck folk with accordion, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and clarinet.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Ireland, Ethnic, Active, Carefree, Confident, Positive, Proud, in a Confident, Happy, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Fiddle, Guitar, Flute, Accordion, Acoustic, Piano, with a Mid tempo

Description: Ethnic, France, Italy, Ethnic, Repetitive, Relaxed, Sentimental, Tender, Gentle, Delicate, Ballad, Peaceful, Warm, Festive, Pleasant, in a Sensitive, Happy, Romantic mood, featuring Guitar, Accordion, with a Medium tempo

Description: Full fromage cheese here with this end of the pier club organ version of the traditional English seaside classic

Description: Accordion music, Paris environment style

Description: A romantic instrumental theme in the genres of electronic dance music (EDM) and 2-step garage, hopeful and soothing in mood, well-suited for the visual scenarios imbued with the French spirit, wine and wineries in the province, a honeymoon trip to Paris.

Description: Traditional alphorn with cows and bells in background - alp ambient