Description: Full fromage cheese here with this end of the pier club organ version of the traditional English seaside classic

Description: Accordion music, Paris environment style

Description: A romantic instrumental theme in the genres of electronic dance music (EDM) and 2-step garage, hopeful and soothing in mood, well-suited for the visual scenarios imbued with the French spirit, wine and wineries in the province, a honeymoon trip to Paris.

Description: Traditional alphorn with cows and bells in background - alp ambient

Description: At times seemingly peaceful and at others a prelude to war, this piece invokes a pre-Renaissance English/Scottish feel. Though it has many potential uses, this piece is best for fantasy or medieval contexts. The score utilizes bagpipes, a lute, fiddle, recorder, harp, and a small variety of percussion instruments.

Description: World, Greek, Ethnic, Dark, Dreamy, Light, Underscore, Traditional, Reflective, Ethereal, Hypnotic, Moody, Joyful, Carefree, Merry, Delighted

Description: Time Honored Musical Icon, Traditional

Description: Tradtional style German or Bavarian drinking song played by Oom Pah Band featuring Euphonium, Tuba, Accordion & Clarinets. Use for documentaries, travelogues and histories. Main mix and underscore versions

Description: Greek instruments and voices blend with a world beat pop groove to create a happy funky feel greece party joyful.

Description: This is a fun dance piece in the style of an Irish polka