Description: A very purposeful, direct, slightly haunting and fun French Musette with accordion, piano, bass, guitar and marimba.

Description: A slightly rueful yet inspiring smooth French musette waltz with piano, acoustic guitar, bowed bass, accordion and clarinet.

Description: A haunting and whimsical French musette waltz with a jazz slant featuring piano, bass, guitar, accordion and vibes.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-France, Fun, Happy, in a Playful mood, featuring Accordion, with a Very Fast tempo

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-England, Children, Kitsch, Bold, Charming, Campy, Carefree, Comedic, Confident, Quirky, Pleasant, Festive, Flowing, Fun, in a Playful, Fun mood, featuring Accordion, Bass, Tambourine, with a Mid tempo

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-France, Historic, Waltz, Mysterious, Suspense, Gentle, Tender, Soft, Flowing, Sophisticated, Romantic, Regional, Whimsical, Feel Good, Elongated, Elegant, Domestic, Ethnic, Cheery, Charming, Prestigious, Carefree, Carnival, Laid Back, Pleasant, Relaxed, in a Fun, Heartwarming, Majestic, Positive, Romantic mood, featuring Violin, Strings, Accordion, with a Mid, Varied tempo

Description: Graceful and stately classical baroque style chamber orchestral waltz. Very English Lords and Ladies curtsying and bowing. Features marcato strings, oboe, bassoon and piano. Main mix, 60, 30sec versions

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-France, Bouncy, Jumpy, Happy, Fun, in a Playful mood, featuring Accordion, with a Very Fast tempo

Description: A gypsy jazz swing tune full of whimsy and mirth featuring piano, guitar, bass and accordion.

Description: a frech waltz filled with angst and passion featuring accordion, piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and clarinet.