Description: African tribal track with pulsating percussion, vocals, pipes and ominous synths. Mysterious atmosphere.

Description: Upbeat & uplifting, wildlife safari theme, incorporating wild animal sound effects. Has a real feelgood flavour of Africa, but would be ideal for Zoos, Safari Parks, Wildlife Parks, Animal Theme Parks as well as African Safaris. Perfect for commercials, documentary & travelogue. Various mixes

Description: drums, bass, strings, creates a feeling of drifting down a great river through the jungle.

Description: Mystical, tribal track with lots of percussion. Repetitive, hypnotic, and enigmatic. It sounds like a psychedelic ethnic music. A mixture of exotic World music and enigmatic, worrying atmosphere. Perfect to illustrate a strange ritual or a scary natural phenomenon.

Description: Meditative Native American song for meditation, massage, sleep, spirituality, relaxation, yoga and peace

Description: High Energy Tribal groove with spooky flute and chant vocal.

Description: An ambient Amazon rainforest track with ethnic flute and guitar.

Description: Tribal jungle drumming has come to life in this piece filled with hand drums & impact filled hits that get your blood flowing!

Description: An optimistic, pumping, cheeky and cheesy positive track featuring drums, percussion, tribal voices, female vocal, trumpets, marimba and bass guitar. Suitable for any kind of usage that requires happy, funny and/or crazy music background

Description: Meditative reflective spiritual music track which features wooden flute, drums and synth strings. Relaxing and, flowing with an Asian inspired feel and would work well with Martial Arts and Cultural based Projects, Spa and Relaxation, Pre and Post Battle Observations. Nature Wildlife Documentaries. Instrumental, Asian, Asian Dramatic

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