Description: A sweet and gentle world fusion track with influences from African percussion and kalimba alongside Asian violin and wooden flute. A flowing and elegant song both relaxed and intense useful for media projects, background atmospheres, in TV, film, radio, adverts, in store and corporate communications, Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion

Description: A meditative and introspective track of Turkish sufti music featuring a wooden bansuri flute middle, freely improvising over a steady pulse of eastern percussion and a chanting chorus. For relaxation or contemplation, for yoga classes or themes, new age products, travel documentaries, radio, tv, or internet media projects.

Description: he lovely music plays as she flies about in her mysterious exotic world. Listen to the beat of the african drums as the women chant and dance weaving their magic.

Description: A captivating instrumental arrangement of a Jewish hymn traditionally sung at Shabbat feasts. This lovely waltz features clarinet, cello, piano and upright bass, a beautifully reflective melody for ethnic dance numbers, programming, background music for video, tv, film, product ads or for radio play

Description: A captivating, upbeat arrangement of a traditional song from the Eastern Mediterranean region featuring a trumpet, violin, Persian flute, double bass, piano, percussion and drum set. This lively fun song is perfect for ethnic dance numbers, Jewish or Arabic oriented programming, underscoring video, Instrumental, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion

Description: A fun, happy, upbeat arrangement of a popular group folk hora dance featuring a french horn, clarinet, violin, trombone, bass, piano, accordian and drums. This lively sabbath celebration song is perfect for bar mitzvah scenes, jewish oriented programming, weddings, video, tv, film, adverts, radio, Instrumental, Folk, Jewish Folk

Description: Upbeat & sunny African tribal dance song featuring abundant percussion, acoustic bass, & 2 tin guitars exchanging phrases. The middle section features a slight mysterious magical variation. Great background ethnic groove for world multimedia projects, radio, film, tv, in store, on hold. Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion

Description: Sakura is a traditional Japanese folk song depicting spring, the season of cherry blossoms arranged in a gentle and reflective tone featuring a plucked guzheng sound that carries the listener through a lush soundscape. Useable for Asian themed projects or for decompressing, leisure, rest, warmth, Instrumental, Japanese, Enka

Description: Upbeat, breezy & pleasant African romancing song featuring intricate percussion, two wooden flutes exchanging phrases, kalimba. The middle section features a mysterious, building vocal synthesizer, over a solid deep ethnic groove. Great for world multimedia projects, radio, tv, film, restaurant, ads

Description: Melding of world sounds in a call & response format. Starting with a sitar melody flowing into jazz rock romp with a wicked guitar lead into an Asian violin theme and to a piano melody. Fun, exciting, rhythmic, motivational track that can add the right touch to any media project, in house, adverts. Instrumental, World Fusion, Pan-World

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