Description: Themed hip hop storytelling instrumental featuring various synths, bass, saxophones, and bells. Possible uses can range from full songs, emotional/thoughtful scenes, etc.

Description: Middle East style hip hop instrumental featuring accordions, strings, low piano, and kotos. Possible uses can range from set up scenes, songs, trailers, etc.

Description: Japanese inspired theme instrumental featuring koto, shamisen, taiko drums, flute, and strings. Possible uses can range from character setups, trailers, "prepare for action" sequences, etc.

Description: Short Arabic themed instrumental featuring strings, flute, koto, sitar, & dulcimer. Has a slight exotic feel. Possible uses can range from "belly dancing/Middle Eastern" type scenes, travel videos, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Intro styled instrumental featuring flutes, strings, and various percussion. Possible uses can range from safari and animal themed scenes, intros, etc.