Description: “Tonga” is a chill, gentle tribute to the Polynesian Islands.

Description: Upbeat and chipper, "At Your Leisure" is a calm, yet bubbly underscore to inject a light and simple emotion into your project. This is a great track for low-key scenes like a walk in the park, but playful enough to be in the background of children playing. Curious and happy, this is perfect generic cue for nearly any project in the world.

Description: With a constant, heavy beat and ethnic instrumentation, “Jyotsana” takes you on a chase through the colorful lands of the Middle East.

Description: “Pendana” (which means “Love One Another” in Swahili) is a vibrant, energetic track featuring a modern tribal sound. With a catchy melody, the female vocalist passionately expresses joy and love for her life.

Description: Pastoral and calming, “Kilarney’s Call” is the traditional sound of the Emerald Isle. Mysteriously emotional, this is a fantastic piece to set your mood and ancient, celtic location.

Description: Percussive and exciting, "Jungle Adventure" is an upbeat, fast paced romp through the jungle featuring ethnic flutes, hang drums, and epic percussion. Great for travel, nature, or a chase around world, this score brings a fun tribal flavor to your project.

Description: Inspired by the small West African nation, Togo, this track is a bright and chipper salute to the equally bright and chipper citizens.

Description: Same as my track “Togo” with the added spirit and liveliness of tribal percussion ensemble underneath it.

Description: A joyful native tribal chorus sings over this short intro. Perfect for a travel title card or African logo branding.