Description: A dramatic and intense, bollywood style middle eastern fusion track. A variety of tabla grooves are featured along with tradition stringed and wind Indian instruments. Great for bellydance backgrounds, film dance scenes, backgrounds for cooking shows, and for setting an exotic atmosphere for video, Instrumental, Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic

Description: A big production exotic middle eastern asian ambient chill out fusion track featuring a wide range of world instruments from synth koto to sitar to santoor with indian and chinese percussion as well as violin, and cello. Nice background music for radio, tv, film, lounge, restaurant, shopping malls,, Instrumental, World Fusion, Pan-World Fusion

Description: A fast paced, beautiful and smoothly moving bollywood style track with tabla drumming, indian percussion, shehnai oboe, upright bass, and various keyboard synthesizers. The bright melodic opening leads to a deep pensive middle section featuring a sitar solo. Useful music for global media projects

Description: A deep and mysterious trippy minor key sonic ride filled with middle eastern flavors. Features brilliant ethnic female vocals, sitar, modern percussion, deep heavy bass. Broadcast ready for travel or lounging industries or as background music for tv, film, video, in house, corporate, and education

Description: A peaceful and pastoral world fusion song featuring an mixture of exotic and more common instruments under a clear and lovely sky. The sitar and guitar trade phrases as does the wooden bansuri flute. Synth keyboards bowed bass and middle eastern percussion round out the track. Useful for media works, Instrumental, World Fusion, Indian World Fusion

Description: A big production, exotic, upbeat and rhythmic modern world track featuring female vocal shouts, a pulsating Indian percussion ensemble, sitar, shehnai oboe and guitar fused with synthesizers. Useful music for dance productions, tv or movies scenes, broadcast, in store, adverts, web, podcast scores.

Description: A Sweet and smooth melding of middle eastern and western sounds with two distinct yet harmonious sections. A lovely mysterious voice synth and piano opening, lead to a flute and sitar melodic exchange. A touching violin melody adds to the track. Wonderful music for all media project, video, film, Instrumental, World Fusion, Mid-East World Fusion

Description: An exotic & passionate middle eastern bollywood style track featuring sultry female vocals, bansuri (flute), plenty of percussion, santur & sitar. Uplifting & optimistic bathed in an air of intrigue and mystery. Perfect for exotic locations production, video background, indigenous dance scenes, tv, Female Vocals, Middle East, Middle-East

Description: A dreamy and luxuriant full bodied exotic world fusion track with a gentle and reflective opening that suddenly leads to a spirited middle eastern groove. Featuring strings, Indian percussion, sitar, acoustic guitar and an alluring female vocal hook. Great track for broadcast and all media projects.

Description: Emotional and rhythmic party African music in tribal style with chanting, shouts and singing. Plenty of strong percussion, djembe, rattles, labor, a variety of kalimbas and mallet instruments and tribal drums keep this festive track driving. Suitable for radio, video, documentary and film production

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