Description: Acute flute solo with magical march mysterious gypsy melody

Description: Time Honored Musical Icon, Traditional

Description: Solemn composition on the Clavicordio.

Description: Ethnic, Ethnic-Scotland, Atmospheric, International, Reflective, Dreary, in a Reflective mood, featuring Bagpipes, with a Free tempo

Description: Solo uileann from the highlands

Description: Old Scottish traditional patriotic folk tune which has become a strong contender for it's national anthem. Featuring drum and fife or bagpipes and snare drums.

Description: Scottish ballad-This piece is dedicated to the battle and the victory of the Scottish Knights Battle of Bannotskburn in 1314. For you, it sounds an acoustic guitar solo. Parts of this track can be illuminations for unusual video, vivid movies and other performances on the theme of victory and the battle

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