Description: Lively, energetic & rousing traditional Russian folk dance. Steady tempo, full of Eastern Eurpoean flavour. A folk celebration dance. Gradually builds featuring tradtional instruments including accordion, balalaikas & violin with handclaps. Main mix, underscore & 30sec versions available

Description: Russian traditional polka. Cheerful and groovy. European, Folk. Lively, Joyful, Bright, Happy, Dancing, Festive, Uplifting, Friendly, Bouncy. Acoustic Guitars, Accordion. Holiday. joyful.

Description: Instrumental music track with all of the bells and whistles to create atmosphere of typically

Description: russian chanting over talking drum and electronic beats.

Description: russian chanting and orchestra over an electronic beat - chill, tribal.

Description: Very funny Russian-style composition with increasing pace.

Description: Happy russian folk music from Moscow festive national holiday party. Dancing bears, vodka and bayan.

Description: Traditional Russian song performed during Christmas and New Year celebrations

Description: Sad tragic russian music of red army style. Heroic soul in sound of balalayka and bayan.

Description: This traditional Russian song is great is reminiscent of a Russian wedding or a Jewish Bar Mitzvah. This is a fun piece that evokes feelings of nastalgia and joy. Everyone that hears it wants to break out into a Russian dance.

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