Description: Traditional russian music from festival dance. Positive and rhitmic national track for video.

Description: This is a very lively classical piano polka.Ideal for Eastern European underscore.

Description: Acoustic guitar piece in Russian style, just heart-to-heart talk.

Description: Amusing acoustic guitar piece in Russian style, with calm starting, accelerando in the middle part and rather pensive ending.

Description: An old Russian romance by a Russian pianist and composer of French descent Alexandre Dubuque, played acoustic guitar and bayan(Russian bandoneon, or accordion if you wish). Very humorous and lighthearted music!

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with piano, guitar, accordion. It’s medium, shanson, russian, crime/gangster, retro. The mood of music is usual life of an usual russian criminal

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with harmonica, balalaika. It’s slow, folk, experimental, cartoons. The mood of music is fairy tales about woody people and animals

Description: Magical background light music for russian province slideshow. Traditional instruments for big space.

Description: Bylina played psaltery(Russian kind of harp). Wide and epic sound.

Description: Well known Russian dance, driving and amusing, with solos of varies instruments and traditional acceleration!

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