Description: Mid-tempo Reggae groove, with a healthy infusion of R&B/Soul/Jazz might hear a little George Benson influence in the rhythm guitar.

Description: Bam bam its a dance hall track by Mc Norman a Ugandan musician based in South Africa

Description: Classic mid-tempo Reggae groove, with horns, keyboards and a little drama.

Description: Classic mid to up tempo Reggae beats, with organ, reminiscent of Marley.

Description: Midtempo Reggae/Soul with some jazzy horn.

Description: Classic Mid-tempo Reggae groove, with sax, keyboards.

Description: Midtempo, Classic Reggae groove will evoke classic Marley.

Description: Happy Refreshing Reggae is especially composed for commercials, advertisements, videos, video games, gaming footage, TV promos, movies, presentations, photo slide shows and webpages. World music with an uplifting, beautiful and joyful mood.

Description: A cheerful ragga theme performed by a singing and chatting DJ for the sultry vacation scenes of Jamaica and the Caribbean, summer water sports, pool and beach parties, cocktail-drinking and dancing in sexy bikinis.

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