Description: Electric Drums give it an almost Techno feel combined with quick Woodwind melodies.

Description: A very European sounding waltz with a tango-like style featuring piano, bandoneon, bass, cellos, guitar and flute.

Description: Lively, Bouncy Rumba, great for Romance or Romantic Comedy, club scenes, holidays, family and party scenes. Travel Channel, TV telenovela, bar, lounge or dance lessons. Rhythmic commercials for beachwear, cruise wear, or high fashion catwalk. Fun, joyful and festive Latin music, Spanish music. Instrumental, Tropical Latin Music, Rumba

Description: Oriental song that sets us in a Middle East town as we listen to the mystical harmonies of the sitar with percussive sounds of tablas and timpanis. - Multiple versions available - 30 and 60 second versions available

Description: This ambient track places the listener in the Middle East, though the music does give off an air of tension. Whilst things may appear to be calm it feels like the suspense is building ahead of something big or sinister.

Description: This funny music can be used in many different context, for example it can describe a african or mediterranean landscape, with plains, hills, meadows, country roads or village. A characteristic weaving of acoustic guitar, bass, percussions and one flute. Ideal for documentary or light comedy, Instrumental, African Music, African World Fusion

Description: Driving ethnic track with choir, large percussion, and stringed instruments.

Description: World, African, Bongo, Mallet, Ethnic