Description: dance, dervish dance!.

Description: An African safari track with kalimba, flute, and French horn.

Description: A sad ballad with a Spanish taste. Touchy guitar solo and gentle piano fillings.

Description: all you need intro loops ends stings theme fx for a travel documentary positive energetic underscore for discovery

Description: An innocent instrumental track in the genres of ambient and world music, gentle and heartwarming in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with love, care, friendship, family, peace, and harmony.

Description: A Japanese karate training session music theme. Great for evoking that sound of Japan, China, and martial arts. A great ethnic middle east track that will support a wide range of travel documentary visuals.

Description: Asian violin playing over Tibetan throat singing.

Description: Asia atmospheric song. For meditation, nature and documentaries.

Description: A very South American sounding waltz with a tango-like style featuring piano, bandoneon, bass, drums, cellos, guitar and flute.

Description: Mysterious, mystical and foreboding Arabian or Persian textures. Nervous underscore with a Middle Eastern flavor.