Description: Be tripping to Jamaica, mon! The warm, analogue sound adds to the happy character and authenticity of this track. This is positive vibes reggae style. Multiple lengths provide plenty of editing options.

Description: Ethnic-Latin America, Muzak, Easy Listening, Ethnic, International, Regional, Mysterious, Adventure, Atmospheric, Contemporary, in a Adventurous, Fun mood, featuring Percussion, Guitar, Rain Stick, Rainstick, Sax, with a Mid tempo

Description: Meditative Native American song for meditation, massage, sleep, spirituality, relaxation, yoga and peace

Description: uplifting, positive, confident, determined, percussion, ethnic, african

Description: Sounds like a soundtrack that would be heard in Age of Empires or Age of Mythology. Has a building and accomplishment feeling. Lots of percussion and Egyptian and oriental sounds.

Description: melancholy, introspective, mellow, relaxed, ethnic, sitar