Description: A totally wild drum solo with world music feeling! Listen to the many different percussion instruments in this arrangement and the intensive beats! Great for video games, tribal or exercise dance sessions, travel agencies, commercials, background in museums or documentaries about indigenous or tribal societies.

Description: Sounds tribal and world and creates the feeling of wonder or emerging onto a scenic overlook.

Description: Uptempo celebratory percussive traditional Italian theme-:30

Description: drums with marimba. flute as melodic instrument. african touch. D Minor

Description: Rock Blues Country Folk Ethnic New Age Laid-Back Casual Moderate Medium Calm Peaceful Tranquil Exotic Human Positive Melancholy Drums Bass Guitar Strings Orchestra Mystery Transition Interlude Background Rural Night Travelling Moving American Television TV Radio Movies Films.

Description: Acoustic guitar piece in Russian style, just heart-to-heart talk.

Description: happy caribbean sounding theme. could be great for a sports programme theme esprcially cricket.

Description: We Never Stop is a powerful uptempo instrumental of triumph under adverse conditions.