Description: Island flavored chord pattern strummed on a solo Ukulele. Very uplifting but also unobtrusive.

Description: “African Day” is a world, African, ethnic and aborigine musical background, production music. It brings to mind images of African animals, earth nature, safari, savannah and wild nature. Happy, inspirational production music with bouncy marimba, emotional and catchy percussion drums. The major mood of a composition does its joyful and informative.

Description: A summery,sunny & atmospheric backround tune.Perfect for commercials, advertising, presentations, slideshows and much more

Description: An Irish-style, atmospheric feel-good instrumental, with influences from Ireland and Scotland.Major uplifting. Perfect for the nature of the video, documentaries and games.

Description: Emotional and dramatic world music. Middle east genre, ethnic and melancholic mood.

Description: Another work heavily influenced by my time spent in Peru as a musician. This track is a fusion between western and Peruvian folk music featuring the Peruvian stringed instrument the Charango as well as the Peruvian flute called the Quena. This instrumental offers a mysterious world music sound that could fit well in many applications.

Description: Spanish feel, moving forward, regal, uptempo, determined, driving, confident, Spanish guitar, electric guitar, drums and bass

Description: Indie Pop, Easy, Island, Positive, Light Rhythm Section Groove, Steady, Outdoor, Tropical, Travel, fun, Romance

Description: Inspiring and atmospheric Arabic music with female vocalise. Energetic acoustic guitar, drums, synths. Good use for any project associated to the east, presentations, commercial media, movies and much more.

Description: Music with arabig rhythm influences, composed with some synth and acoustic samples. Good for documentaries, presentations and some film scenes talking about arabig culture. The composition is leaded by oriental strings, tambourine and some arpeggiated shynth sounds.