Description: Oriental music, based in asian and chinese music experiences. Composed with some chinese and oriental instruments, also using software instruments and samples. Very nice and friendly, this track is made mainly for advertising projects. This music can also fits perfectly as a background for corporate videos and documentaries about chinese culture.

Description: Solo Harmonica version of the traditional World War One song Its a Long Way To Tipperary. This slow/medium paced, poignant version, is thoughtful and reflective, and was popular among soldiers who fought in the first world war. Perfect for use in documentary and news as we commemorate 100 years.

Description: Energetic Ska beat, electric guitars, bass, lively acoustic drums, piano, organ solo

Description: An uplifting positive piece that invokes a slight mystery or thought. The track features thumb piano and other native African instruments. Works well with social and cultural situations.

Description: A peaceful but also Epic World Music instrumental with typical eastern sounds. It can fit perfectly with documentaries or footages about Asian countries. It can also fit very well with travel videos (Tibet, China, Thailand, Vietnam) and adventure videos as well. It has a sort of Buddha Bar feeling. Percussions, Vocals, Flute, Baglama, Zither, Bass.

Description: This happy and joyful theme, inspired by great neapolitan composers, evokes the typical italian lifestyle made of sun, sea and mediterranean tasty food. Ideal for Cooking Channels, Travel TV shows, restaurants and sidewalk caf

Description: African rhythm instruments with strings and flutes for an epic and big african feeling

Description: Exotic sounds, perfect for any moment of travel, intrigue or drama.

Description: "Defense Theme" is a dramatic orchestral trailer track, perfect for documentary and cinematic productions.

Description: Cuban island atmosphere with typical instruments