Description: Upbeat African celebration song featuring plenty of percussion, real tribal chanting from the Maasai people who reside in east Africa. Fusion elements like a hybrid mallet instrument and a morphing synth are melding into the track giving the music a modern sound. Great for ethnic multimedia projects, Mixed Vocals, World Fusion, African World Fusion

Description: An upbeat, yet reflective song with a Hawaiian, calypso, tropical vibe. The simple and effective instrumentation of ukelele, dulcimer, and sparse island percussion make this fun and thoughtful piece perfect for corporate commercials, indie films, vacation videos, movie, tv radio, background music.

Description: Optimistic world music for your project

Description: Fun happy china music for children games and funny videos.

Description: Ethnic african music groove using traditional african instruments and vocals. In mix used forest reverb and for mastering modern technology.

Description: Steel pan,ukulele,glockenspiel,marimba create very cosy jouyful atmosphere

Description: Slow hip-hop in the Oriental style!

Description: Nice Soca beat with steel drum improvisation. Perfect for your vacation in the Caribbean.

Description: France. In the style of French little show music. Emotions are a little melancholy, lonely, cautious and a little sad. The shorter version of French Mime Sad Happy Accordions, percussion, guitars, bass, piano

Description: A smooth Caribbean/island style track with rhythm guitar, steel drums, marimba and other elements.