Description: Orchestral, pastoral, journey, earthy, rural, yearning, moving, dramatic, haunting, Wildlife, Documentaries, Movie, TV theme, Drama, Adverts, Corporate, African, atmosphere.

Description: A mysterious / mystical track with an Ethnic / World / Tribal feel. Distant, echoey wails of native flute / wind instruments, along with atmospheric drones and ethnic / world percussion. Mystery / Ancient history / documentary / travel or adventure. Also good for a dark drama set in exotic / world setting

Description: piano solo using the raga form from india.

Description: Peaceful, calm, longing, wistful, but proud, strong, pastoral, evolving, traditional. melodic, Documentaries, Movies,, African Landscapes, Drama, African, atmosphere.

Description: Cinematic world music, composed for a mix between folk and orchestral instruments. Very festive and animated mediterranean flavors.

Description: 12 string guitar, piano, strings, fife/drums, Scottish flavor

Description: piano solo impression of flamenco style.

Description: Celtic guitar new age with an emotional high energy rock and roll edge.