Description: a fastpaced gypsy swing jazz tune with piano, bass, guitar, drums, accordion and mandolin.

Description: metallophones and flute with percussion creates a jazzy kind of balinese music.

Description: chinese new year song with vocals in cantonese. electronically produced asian style instruments and a techno beat. bouncy and fun.

Description: indian dream. emam & friends. guitar, dreamy keyboards.

Description: new age instrumental ambient native american flute. Perfect for creative background for artists. Great for massage, yoga, relaxation, and sleep and meditation.

Description: latin theme by multi-tracking acoustic/electric guitar arrangements with guitar synthesizer.

Description: opens with hand drums and an electric guitar lead. occasional male and female vocals add an accent to the music. middle eastern feel.

Description: a lively, rural african sound on this track. a few african chants and electric piano add flavor here too.

Description: sitar with electronic tampura accompaniment playing the mode of raag kafi.