Description: The music, largely composed of modern electronic and Middle Eastern sounds, opens a Pandora's Box and awakens primordial spirits to sway to hypnotic rhythms. Use it in productions that address Biblical themes or the troubles occurring in the Middle East.

Description: Energetic rhythms and grooves, accompanied by sensual melodic lines, abound in this Latin tune. The strumming of the guitar grounds the entire tune, which is built on four descending chords typical of Latin music. Use this sound in productions that seek t.

Description: This easygoing, vibrant tune combines traditional horns and guitar with synthetic elements. There is an underlying free-flowing energy derived from the various rhythms in the piece. Use this SoundSet in productions that need a positive sound, perhaps appe.

Description: An infectious and hyper tune rich in silky brass and rhythmic guitars. The music is paradoxical in that it is a serious and yet playful dance, exuding sensuality.

Description: The abundance of percussive elements, among others, give this tune its richness. The rhythmic piano melody also adds a touch of sophistication. The overall mood is relaxed yet energetic still. Use this SoundSet in productions that require music of wide-ra.

Description: This sound transports one to a sensual world of rhythm and melody. The guitar weaves itself between the piano chords as they dance atop a mix of modern and traditional percussive elements. The music arouses vivid imagery of exotic people, places and stori.

Description: Infectious rhythms sweep the listener away with colorful timbres. The piano and guitar are like partners in a romantic and sensual dance. Extra sensuality is injected into the sound by the bubbling bass and the snap of the snare drum from the industrial-s.

Description: Primordial spirits are revived and swoop down quickly across ancient places. These Middle Eastern timbres mix with old and modern percussion to create a soulful sound. Use this music in productions that wish to evoke earlier days when people were more in.

Description: Get transported back in time to an ancient place in the Middle East. Vivid images come to mind of dancers at a celebration moving slowly to the sensual rhythms. Listen to how the flute pleads over the rhythmic stringed instruments, each with its own soul.

Description: This latin piece has some elements of jazz and evokes a sense of enjoying life despite hard times. The rhythm is infectious and sensuous making it ideal for fashion and travel products. Presentations that also tell a story of overcoming all odds would wor.