Description: This sound transports one to a sensual world of rhythm and melody. The guitar weaves itself between the piano chords as they dance atop a mix of modern and traditional percussive elements. The music arouses vivid imagery of exotic people, places and stori.

Description: Infectious rhythms sweep the listener away with colorful timbres. The piano and guitar are like partners in a romantic and sensual dance. Extra sensuality is injected into the sound by the bubbling bass and the snap of the snare drum from the industrial-s.

Description: Perfect for use in any presentation involving travel, adventure and having fun, this latin piece is full of energy. The rhythm is exciting and invites everyone to dance.

Description: This latin piece has some elements of jazz and evokes a sense of enjoying life despite hard times. The rhythm is infectious and sensuous making it ideal for fashion and travel products. Presentations that also tell a story of overcoming all odds would wor.

Description: This lively Celtic piece is ideal for presentations that require a classical piece with an ethnic sound. The piece is joyous and celebratory and is in ¾ time, the same as a Waltz. Images of people dancing in large ballrooms from previous centuries come to.

Description: This piece has ethnic elements from around the world making it ideal for use in presentations that unite humanity or that concern meaningful and everlasting issues. The tone of this piece is humble but not quite pleading. The melody in the violin floats a.

Description: This piece has a Hawaiian flavor and is intended for presentations that take one back to lazy shores or to exotic vacations. It also brings to mind gentle breezes and a relaxing atmosphere.

Description: This piece can be associated with a relaxing, lazy and perhaps hot day. It can also work in presentations involving travel and vacation planning.

Description: This piece is a mixture between a techno beat and an Arabic sound. It is ideal for presentations that require an energetic and ethnic sound or that need to unite people or ideas from around the world. This piece also goes well with any presentation that t.

Description: This piece has a funky rhythm with a Latin flavor. The horns and piano give motion and sensuality to it making it ideal for a range of presentations that involve, style, creativity, a bit of humor and image. Cartoon animations may work very well with this.