Description: A tranquil and meditative tune in a jungle of noise… The music embodies elements from various genres and from both organic and synthetic material to form this tasteful, world sound. Use it in productions that require a grounding in tranquility and a sense.

Description: A sweet music theme with African percussion and melodies that will take you for a journey to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Mother Africa.. Use this theme to show a positive and natural side of Africa, the one that it truly deserves.

Description: This piece is influenced by Indian and Arabic music and brings images of adventure films where the plot takes place in a far-away land. Presentations that involve adventure, mystery, risk-taking, heroism, and foreign lands would work well with this piece.

Description: This tune combines eastern and classical elements over a modern beat for a unique world sound. Shades of mystery color the music through the sound of the warm strings. This piece has much potential for contrast and various moods, depending on the combinat.

Description: a combination of instruments and animal special effects to recreate the sounds of the jungle.

Description: light, uplifting, inspiring, bright, happy, refreshing, joyful, hopeful, voices, world music, 30 seconds.

Description: se asian influenced sting (8 of a set of 9).

Description: Perfect for use in any presentation involving travel, adventure and having fun, this latin piece is full of energy. The rhythm is exciting and invites everyone to dance.

Description: This tango immediately brings to mind a couple doing a sensual dance. There is lots of emotion and communication going on through the music. The violin adds some passion to the tune. This piece is versatile in that it can be used in a comical or serious e.