Description: This captivating dance tune captures ancient rhythms and the soul of the Middle East. Images of people enjoying themselves and swaying to the beat come to mind. This sound also evokes what is simple and yet most joyous in life.

Description: Sensual rhythms and melodic lines dress up this international tune with an Afro-Brazilian flavor. There is an underlying tone of distress and, in contrast with the rhythm and sensuality of this sound, the effect is a poignant mood that reflects the joy an.

Description: Imagine a carefree tune befitting a Caribbean island… This music can be arranged in various ways to elicit a corporate feel or an international mood. Strip away the beat and the horns to produce an ambient, calm sound to use in most corporate productions.

Description: This tune combines elements from all over the world and borrows from hip hop, reggae, arabic, and eastern music to create a truly eclectic mix... offering almost infinte ways to remix the sound. The syncopated beat, coupled with a heavy bass and drums, cr.

Description: The music, largely composed of modern electronic and Middle Eastern sounds, opens a Pandora's Box and awakens primordial spirits to sway to hypnotic rhythms. Use it in productions that address Biblical themes or the troubles occurring in the Middle East.

Description: Energetic rhythms and grooves, accompanied by sensual melodic lines, abound in this Latin tune. The strumming of the guitar grounds the entire tune, which is built on four descending chords typical of Latin music. Use this sound in productions that seek t.

Description: This easygoing, vibrant tune combines traditional horns and guitar with synthetic elements. There is an underlying free-flowing energy derived from the various rhythms in the piece. Use this SoundSet in productions that need a positive sound, perhaps appe.

Description: A tranquil and meditative tune in a jungle of noise… The music embodies elements from various genres and from both organic and synthetic material to form this tasteful, world sound. Use it in productions that require a grounding in tranquility and a sense.

Description: An infectious and hyper tune rich in silky brass and rhythmic guitars. The music is paradoxical in that it is a serious and yet playful dance, exuding sensuality.

Description: The abundance of percussive elements, among others, give this tune its richness. The rhythmic piano melody also adds a touch of sophistication. The overall mood is relaxed yet energetic still. Use this SoundSet in productions that require music of wide-ra.