Description: The pulse of life reverberates through this content tune. Imagine a conga line or shaking your hips at the beach on some tropical island. Use this SoundSet in any project requiring an infectious groove and a light and happy attitude.

Description: An eclectic mix of ethnic percussion and classical instruments creates a distinct world sound. The cello descends gently as the flute ascends in melody to create some counterpoint. The sound is driven, more than anything else, by its percussive elements,.

Description: This tune combines eastern and classical elements over a modern beat for a unique world sound. Shades of mystery color the music through the sound of the warm strings. This piece has much potential for contrast and various moods, depending on the combinat.

Description: Sensual rhythms, syncopations and light melodies give this tune its celebratory feel. The piano melody bounces around playfully as the horns sing out above the beat. You cannot help but move to the rhythm. Use this SoundSet in any production that is meant.

Description: An eclectic mix of instruments over an easy going pop beat gives this tune its international flavor. The percussion without the drums give the sound an almost hypnotic, focused feel. Use this tune in presentations requiring a light sound with perhaps a hi.

Description: Seductive Middle Eastern sounds sway the listener into an ancient groove. Beautiful and simple monophonic melodies dance atop the beat as the music moves into a trance-like interlude. Use this SoundSet to evoke an international mood, to celebrate all peop.

Description: This captivating dance tune captures ancient rhythms and the soul of the Middle East. Images of people enjoying themselves and swaying to the beat come to mind. This sound also evokes what is simple and yet most joyous in life.

Description: Sensual rhythms and melodic lines dress up this international tune with an Afro-Brazilian flavor. There is an underlying tone of distress and, in contrast with the rhythm and sensuality of this sound, the effect is a poignant mood that reflects the joy an.

Description: The hypnotic rhythm in this tune transports one to ancient times in the Middle East perhaps, to the land of gods and prophets. The music captures that which is primordial and profound in the soul of the human being. Use this tune in productions that requi.

Description: This tune combines elements from all over the world and borrows from hip hop, reggae, arabic, and eastern music to create a truly eclectic mix... offering almost infinte ways to remix the sound. The syncopated beat, coupled with a heavy bass and drums, cr.