Description: Upbeat and playful with a driving Calypso beat, steel drums and light percussion depict a beach party scene.

Description: Amerindian, textural, pan flute, vocals, acoustic guitar solo bridge

Description: A modern and cool Bollywood track with authentic sitar, flute and tablas, supported by hip drum loops and bass.

Description: Sparse, transparent, slowly pulsating, airy chords in wide open spaces. Mellow, dreamy, reflective. A very gentle and understated and chilled-out rhythm follows. Delicate, luxurious, smooth. Flutes,ambiences,nativepercussions,native

Description: A very fast-paced Japanese-flavored piece great for a chase or fight scene.

Description: It has an Irish feel to it. It features Uilliann bagpipes and a Low Irish Whistle. I was thinking about my ancestors when I was writing it. I kept thinking about a young woman, probably from Waterford or Wexford. That’s also where the idea for the title came from. The Uilleann pipes have drones in octaves of “D,” so the key choices are pretty limited; this piece is in the key of “D.” I treated the drones like a pedal point; I guess that’s about the only thing you can do!

Description: Enjoy an ethnic cuisine with Euro-Mediterranean flavoring. Background mood with Greek-Italian leaning influence. Opens cautiously with acoustic Spanish guitar, accordion, and graduates steadily to mandolins with full instrumentation. Break a dish!

Description: Tribal song with African national musical instruments in modern vision.

Description: cautious, nervous,action, aggression

Description: Peaceful and mellow Japanese instrumental with koto and flute melodies.