Description: This spacious sound can be heard outside at a festival with people dancing in the streets and enjoying themselves. Use it in presentations that wish to uplift your audiences and take them to faraway, exotic places where troubles are forgotten.

Description: This ambient track combines a sultry melody with a world beat to create a meditative background sound for any presentation. Some of the ambient components work nicely by themselves and can really set the tone for what is happening visually.

Description: This vivacious ditty pulsates with its infectious rhythm and brassy sound. The minor key gives it a shade of melancholy and when contrasted with its lively rhythm, the result is a sensual sound fit for any energetic presentation requiring a little interna.

Description: A cathedral of percussion and brass reverberates throughout this tune. You can feel the pulse of life through the rhythm. Images come to mind of a Spanish dancer lost in her dancing as her audience encourages her further. Use this tune wherever a strong w.

Description: Get transported back in time through this fusion of Latin percussion, Arabic melodies and Indian instruments… Picture a veiled princess performing her forbidden dance for the prince. Use this tune in any presentation requiring some sense of mystery, passi.

Description: The pulse of life reverberates through this content tune. Imagine a conga line or shaking your hips at the beach on some tropical island. Use this SoundSet in any project requiring an infectious groove and a light and happy attitude.

Description: An eclectic mix of ethnic percussion and classical instruments creates a distinct world sound. The cello descends gently as the flute ascends in melody to create some counterpoint. The sound is driven, more than anything else, by its percussive elements,.

Description: Sensual rhythms, syncopations and light melodies give this tune its celebratory feel. The piano melody bounces around playfully as the horns sing out above the beat. You cannot help but move to the rhythm. Use this SoundSet in any production that is meant.

Description: An eclectic mix of instruments over an easy going pop beat gives this tune its international flavor. The percussion without the drums give the sound an almost hypnotic, focused feel. Use this tune in presentations requiring a light sound with perhaps a hi.

Description: Seductive Middle Eastern sounds sway the listener into an ancient groove. Beautiful and simple monophonic melodies dance atop the beat as the music moves into a trance-like interlude. Use this SoundSet to evoke an international mood, to celebrate all peop.