Description: A fun, happy, upbeat arrangement of a popular group folk hora dance featuring a french horn, clarinet, violin, trombone, bass, piano, accordian and drums. This lively sabbath celebration song is perfect for bar mitzvah scenes, jewish oriented programming, weddings, video, tv, film, adverts, radio, Instrumental, Folk, Jewish Folk

Description: A festive and ceremonial synth driven fanfare with wall of sound stylings as you might hear in bollywood cinema or hollywood production. Lush keyboard sounds, a solid electric bass groove, and percussion are featured along with wild happy flourishes and the soaring main theme melody in its heraldry.

Description: he lovely music plays as she flies about in her mysterious exotic world. Listen to the beat of the african drums as the women chant and dance weaving their magic.

Description: Upbeat & sunny African tribal dance song featuring abundant percussion, acoustic bass, & 2 tin guitars exchanging phrases. The middle section features a slight mysterious magical variation. Great background ethnic groove for world multimedia projects, radio, film, tv, in store, on hold. Instrumental, World Fusion, African World Fusion

Description: Upbeat African celebration song featuring plenty of percussion, real tribal chanting from the Maasai people who reside in east Africa. Fusion elements like a hybrid mallet instrument and a morphing synth are melding into the track giving the music a modern sound. Great for ethnic multimedia projects, Mixed Vocals, World Fusion, African World Fusion

Description: An upbeat, yet reflective song with a Hawaiian, calypso, tropical vibe. The simple and effective instrumentation of ukelele, dulcimer, and sparse island percussion make this fun and thoughtful piece perfect for corporate commercials, indie films, vacation videos, movie, tv radio, background music.

Description: Easy gong medium upbeat happy and charming simple latin flavored track. Plenty of fun bongoes shakers and world drum elements carry the music along with the guitar and bass. Useful track for transitions or underscoring a film or video for background music for a beach party scene or holiday adventure

Description: Sakura is a traditional Japanese folk song depicting spring, the season of cherry blossoms arranged in a gentle and reflective tone featuring a plucked guzheng sound that carries the listener through a lush soundscape. Useable for Asian themed projects or for decompressing, leisure, rest, warmth, Instrumental, Japanese, Enka

Description: A gentle & reflective relaxing Asian fusion track featuring an repeating hypnotic vibraphone theme, airy wooden flute, thick mysterious synthesizers & light oriental percussion. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, rest, and multimedia projects that promote peace as well as far Eastern cultures.