Description: new age instrumental ambient native american flute music great for relaxation, meditation, massage,and Yoga. Great background music for creative individuals. The flutes have a natural sound of bird loons.

Description: Klezmer with soprano saxophone, calrinet and band, minor key.

Description: world, guitar, summer, sunshine, weekend, sun, happynes, road, adventure, lingering, nature, friendship, west, mood music

Description: leapin into a djarbuka rhythm, the turkish ud strongly develops the three themes of the "crown of wisdom.".

Description: Light, happy carribean beat with string melody, thematically related to ww200012.

Description: Primordial spirits are revived and swoop down quickly across ancient places. These Middle Eastern timbres mix with old and modern percussion to create a soulful sound. Use this music in productions that wish to evoke earlier days when people were more in.

Description: This piece captures the soul of African and Middle Eastern sounds with its heavy drumming and dreamy melody. Take away the drums and you have a mesmerizing ambient background sound. Or use the drums by themselves to convey lots of soul through rhythm.

Description: native american / american indian / authentic / percussion / wind instrument.