Description: This piece is almost entirely composed of drums and percussion. The various rhythms found therein give it its international flavor. Presentations that need some good rhythms and drum sounds would find this piece very useful.

Description: This pomp and circumstance piece works well from many angles. The rhythm marches on with determination. The melody is somewhat humorous and light-hearted. Presentations that need music to give it a marching band feel would work well with this piece.

Description: This SoundSet has slight elements of traditional Japanese sounds. The other components along with the beat give it a very modern feel. Presentations that wish to use a hint of international flavor in sound would find this piece beneficial.

Description: Ambiance characterizes this piece. It creates a certain mood with a world beat that is not particular to any country. The beat is mesmerizing and would work well in the background of any presentation regardless of ethnicity or nationality. The music here.

Description: This tango immediately brings to mind a couple doing a sensual dance. There is lots of emotion and communication going on through the music. The violin adds some passion to the tune. This piece is versatile in that it can be used in a comical or serious e.

Description: This piece reminds one of a traditional Irish or Riverdance song. The violin gives the piece its Irish flavor. The flute is a nice contrast to the fast moving notes of the violin. Use this tune in any presentation requiring a cheerful tune or an Irish fla.

Description: This pleasant world pop tune will put your audiences in a good mood and get them tapping their feet. The horns provide a Latin flavor over a traditional pop beat.

Description: The sound tells a story, of an adventure that is about to begin. The beat has an international flavor and is perfect for presentations that wish to reach out beyond local borders.

Description: This pleasant sound reminds one of a shaman's adventure, focused on an inward journey. The piano works nicely with the bongos and the pad sounds. Use this SoundSet to create an ambiance, a mood for an intelligent presentation.

Description: This sound sets up a scene for some drama that is about to happen. With its flutes, strings, timpani and drums, the sound is a mixture of classical and world beat.