Description: Slow tempo flowing Asian melody featuring Chinese moon guitar and oriental flutes creating a slight rural feel with traditional Chinese ambiance. Occasional background vocals and string washes add a sense of relaxation and meditative peace. Ideal for world travel or documentary projects.

Description: Ethnic female vocals and African drums provide a flowing melody resembling African Culture and wildlife. The track is fairly slow, but flows nicely, making it ideal for documentary or video background projects with a wildlife or tourist style theme.

Description: Modern tropical chilled out washy synth vibe kicks starts this relaxing contemporary track containing a mixture of instruments including steel drums to create a documentary or Caribbean style theme for travel or relaxing hot spot location. Suggests tranquil island or classy Caribbean hot spot.

Description: Sweeping strings and acoustic guitar combine to create a pleasant traditional vacation style melody suggesting a hot sunny beach or relaxing hot spot with a slight retro family holiday feel.

Description: Ethnic vocals backed by oriental pipes and light tropical drums create a sense of tropical adventure and discovery.

Description: Upbeat, ethnic instruments combine with male vocals to create energetic indian dance style piece.

Description: Trippy fusion with jangling acoustic and electric guitars over insistent bass riff and Eastern-style strings and choir. Hints at a mysterious middle-eastern feel.